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LiteVest360 LED Outdoor Vest

LiteVest360 LED Outdoor Vest keeps you highly-visible when you are running, biking, walking, and doing any outdoor activity at night.

Available in 5 Fixed LED Colors and 1 Variable LED Color Option

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE, & EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE – If it’s for a short jog in the morning with the kids, walking your dogs in the evening, or an all night solo ride, at only 6.5 oz – you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Using High Quality Sports Mesh and elastic makes the LiteVest360 Sweat Resistant, Chafe-free, comfy to wear. The slim, minimalist design ensures minimal fabric-to-body contact, less sweat-trapping, and helps it not interfere with your HRM (heart rate monitor).

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Waistband adjustable length:60-100cm/23 1/2 -39 inch

Fiber optic length: 130cm/51 inches.

LED Controller: Dual box independent control

LED Quantity: 4pcs

Battery: Included

To Clean: Hand wash (after removing the LED group)

Package includes:

1 Flashing Vest